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KZG H370 Hybrid

If you are having good success with a hybrid that replaces your longer irons and want more control and distance on your shorter irons, you may want to consider the KZG H370 Hybrid. A hybrid is a great club for low to high handicap players who not only want the extra forgiveness and distance of a hybrid, but also have trouble launching the ball into the air and getting it to stop on the green.The H370 features a slight offset and the Centre of Gravity is positioned low and deep in the head to aid the golfer with the height of the shot when comparing it to an iron of the same loft. In Right Hand, this hybrid comes in lofts from 18 degrees (3 hybrid) to 42 degrees (9 hybrid). In Left Hand, it comes in lofts from 22 degrees to 30 degrees. Come in and try them out!


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