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  • USGTF Certified Teaching Professional
  • Video feedback on any swing
  • TrackMan Swing Analysis statistics
  • Full swing, short game, putting
  • Please call (613) 592-0524 to schedule
  • 40 minute lesson - $50
  • Video Analysis - $39
  • Trackman Swing Analysis (1 hour) - $69
  • Discount available when purchasing clubs
  • Keep the swing mechanics as simple as possible.
  • Focus on the parts in the student's swing that are being done well and reinforce.
  • Identify shortcomings in the student's swing and recommend changes that can be made that will be most effective.
  • Give the student a practice methodology. Hitting ball after ball after ball is exercise, not practice.
  • Integrate Trackman Launch Monitor feedback. Trackman is able to capture parameters of the swing that cannot be picked up visually. It immediately shows how a change in the swing impacts the outcome.
  • Incorporate video analysis. Using video analysis helps the student see what needs to be improved.
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