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Artisan Golf Co. proprietors
Don and Pauline Irving

About Artisan Golf:

  • Family operated with over 15 years of service.
  • Recognized as a master club fitter in the Ottawa area.
  • We custom fit clubs to your swing using an extensive swing analysis session (1 to 2 hours).
  • We can either build you new clubs or modify your existing ones.
  • We check swing weight, shaft frequency, club length, loft, lie, grip, total weight, Moment of Inertia, etc.
  • Custom clubs benefit the new golfer, the low handicapper and everyone in between.
  • We continually evaluate new technologies and techniques.
  • Our analysis equipment includes the TrackMan Pro Launch Monitor and the TOMI Putting System.
  • We use quality components from KZG, Accra, Winn, Golf Pride, and Lamkin.
  • MYTH - custom clubs means big $$$$. NOT TRUE! A set of custom clubs is comparable to off-the-rack clubs.
  • We are one of the 10 Performance Fitting Centers in Canada for True Temper shafts and the only one East of Toronto.

Don's awards include:

KZG Top 100 Clubmakers:
    - 2006 - 2016
KZG Canadian Dealer of the Year:
    - 2008 - 2015
Accra Top 50 Shaft Technologists:
    - 2007 - 2016
International Clubmakers Guild Canadian Clubmaker of the year
    - 2016

Don's credentials include:

    - Master Golf Teaching Professional CGTF (2017)
    - Trackman Master Certification (2013)
    - PCS Certified Class "A" Clubmaker (2010)
    - Advanced Professional Class "A" Clubmaker (2007)
    - PCS Advanced Fitting School (2005)
    - KZG Master Clubfitter (2005)
    - PCS Certified Class "A" Clubfitter (2002)
    - [PCS] Understanding the Golf Swing (2001)
    - USGTF Certified Teaching Professional.
    - Board of Directors for International Clubmakers Guild

KZG Canadian Dealer of the Year 2008 - 2015

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